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Aspen Ketamine Center

Client Testimonials

Aspen Ketamine Center Testimonial

Aspen Ketamine Center Testimonial

“2020 was a trying year.  A move to a different state, family illness, house building, political dynamics, and Covid-19. Needless to say, I sought solutions to help me “weather” the year.  A friend recommended Ketamine Therapy. I brushed it off, thinking it was only for the severely, chronically depressed. Then I did some research, found it was a safe and effective treatment for someone like me, going through a rough patch of “situational” depression and sadness. Not knowing what to expect, I called Aspen Ketamine Center. And I must say, I am now a believer in the potential and promise for ketamine therapy for all sorts of mental disorders (and stress) temporary or chronic, and even for medical conditions like cancer or pain relief. Noemi Toth is the most talented, professional and compassionate guide through the sessions. You cannot help but feel that you are in the best of hands while undergoing ketamine therapy. She is a very special person. As a result of the sessions, I feel a sense of calm, a sense of perspective to whatever life brings me, a release, and a less reactive response to whatever stressed me before. I feel that 2020 will have a happy ending after all!

S.B. Aspen Ketamine Center Patient Review, Colorado

“I truly believe that ketamine is the most important pharmaceutical medicine on the planet right now. It has been such a lifesaver for me, and I am now functioning back to my normal happy self again -- When SSRI's stopped working, I tried everything (quite literally everything!), and this has without a doubt been the most impactful therapy I have used. I have tried many clinics around the US and Noemi is without a doubt the most professional, caring doctor I have worked with. She is knowledgeable and her high EQ makes me feel safe and comfortable with each session. I can’t recommend her and the Aspen Ketamine Center enough.”

F.S. Aspen Ketamine Center Patient Review, Colorado

“My goal with Ketamine Therapy was to step outside of myself and allow a glimpse of my path and being. I did do that. With just the first 2 infusions, I cracked the door for some course corrections. It will require the commitment to all 6 infusions. I'm happy that I stopped to take a look within.

A.R. Ketamine Patient Review, Aspen, Colorado

“I was familiar with this new form of treatment and I was very curious to learn more. Both Jill and Noemi were very knowledgeable and comforting to walk me the entire way through the series. Noemi has a gift in customizing the treatments. Along with her gifted approach supporting you through this incredible journey! Jill is equally professional and so intuitive that the combined duo was extremely unique. I definitely had revelations that I have not been able to extrapolate in the past. The treatments were like peeling off the “heavy layers” that finally gave me insight to my reasons where my journey has taken me. I have nothing but the highest praise to this program.”

J.C. Ketamine Patient Review, Aspen, Colorado

“I'm feeling great. I haven't had any anxiety since my first Ketamine infusion. I was able to make some interesting self-realizations. I'm looking forward to my next infusion session. ”

N.P. Ketamine Patient Review, Aspen, Colorado

“Noemi is such a sweet person to work with. She is kind, compassionate and cares a lot about her work. I would definitely trust her with any Ketamine Infusion Therapy needs. Her clinic looks beautiful, clean and safe.”

J.C. Aspen Ketamine Center Review

After spending 35 years on antidepressants and experiencing the loss of their effectiveness I spiraled down the deepest and darkest depression tunnel of my life. By a miracle I discovered the Aspen Ketamine Center (AKC) and Noemi Toth and my psyche has completely reversed itself. I had been researching the astonishing clinical results of ketamine treatment and was considering giving it a try when I discovered AKC here in Aspen. I felt I had to take a step outside my comfort zone and today I live a different world. One filled with joy and happiness. What sets AKC apart from other local providers is that the price INCLUDES 3 sessions with a local trauma professional, and daily surveys to measure the changes to mood, pain, cognition, and other indicators of severe depression. I watched my survey results improve with each treatment. I know that additional follow-up treatments may be necessary and I accept this, after all how much do you value love over fear and unhappiness? I HIGHLY recommend the AKC and Noemi Toth’s sincere and heartfelt care that she presents at each and every treatment.  

Carbondale Resident

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Sydney Bergen & Noemi Toth: A Patient's Experience With Ketamine Therapy

On the Psychedelic Therapy Podcast, for the first time, they discuss a firsthand account of a patient’s experience of psychedelic therapy. Sydney Bergen shares her experience receiving ketamine infusions administered by Noemi Toth.Ketamine infusions are used to treat depression, anxiety and chronic pain. 

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