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Take Precautions When Trying Emerging Healthcare Trends

Between seasonal depression and current national shutdowns, people are going stir crazy. While you’re looking for a cure for your anxiety or depression, make sure that you are thoroughly researching the trends that you’re interested in trying! Marketing is geared toward convincing consumers that their product is the answer, when there may be dangerous side effects involved.

Current Healthcare Trends

Current healthcare trends are placing nootropics on a pedestal. Also referred to as smart drugs, nootropics claim to be able to boost brain performance. These ‘smart drugs’ cause similar effects to those that caffeine and creatine do. A large issue with nootropics is the likelihood of experiencing negative side effects. People taking nootropics can experience insomnia, addiction, and high blood pressure among other things. Nootropics are clearly a short-term solution to an ongoing problem of being overworked and overstressed.

Nootropic supplements are popular among millennials and college students as they try to manage college workloads. Unfortunately, a quick fix is not a good option for anyone’s mental or physical health. When you take nootropics (two common ones are Ritalin and Adderall) you are forcing your brain to function at high speed. Overtime, the inflicted stress can be deleterious to the human brain. Remind yourself it is okay to slow down. Take time to nap, go outside, and spend quality time with friends and family.

Long-term Mental Health Solutions

Instead of masking mental health issues with prescription medications that can be addicting and cause long-term health issues, try ketamine therapy. Ketamine therapy has been studied long-term, unlike nootropics and their many side effects. At Aspen Ketamine Center we recommend that our patients meet with our licensed therapists during their infusion series to help integrate the experience and learn new mental habits to sustain the positive effects of ketamine therapy. Our mission is to help you live a healthy life. We use practices that have been studied and proven to work. If you’re someone who has a question about ketamine therapy, you can download our free PDF guide.

Cognitive Enhancers

If you’re interested in taking a more natural route to enhance your cognitive performance, refer to our article on the 4 hormones in the body that affect your mood. When you’re more understanding of the chemicals that control your mind you can then address what is best to help you make the changes that you wish to see. Eating right, exercising on a regular basis, and limiting your stressors are great ways to give your mind a natural boost.

Be aware of marketing tactics that will try to sell you on their supplements. Many supplements have not been FDA approved and may not be right for you. Take the time to research side effects of supplements and always speak to health professionals that can guide you in the right direction. Encourage your body to be dependent on regular sleep patterns and healthy eating. You can naturally increase your mind’s ability to focus through meditation, getting enough rest, and exercise. You can also take control of your health by giving ketamine therapy a try. Ketamine therapy has been proven to be positively life changing.

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