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Men’s Mental Health

Mental health issues don't have a type. It affects people of all genders, all stages of life, and all nationalities-- men included. Men’s mental health is just as important, but unfortunately men are less likely to seek help for their mental health issues.

Men’s mental health month

June is recognized as being men’s mental health month. How can you help a man in your life who is suffering from a mental illness? Be supportive of them. Encourage them to seek help. One reason that men are less likely to seek help for their mental health issues is because they are embarrassed. If you know someone who needs mental health support, then be sure to address it in a way that is uplifting and encouraging. Do not joke as if treatment isn’t for men or that they are any less of a man for seeking assistance. Societal norms have created a wall that discourages men from seeking counseling or treatment for their mental health issues for fear of seeming as if they’re overreacting or less masculine. In reality, mental health issues don't have a type.

Mental health awareness

Another reason that men avoid treatment is because they believe that the symptoms that they’re experiencing are due to other means like lack of sleep. Downplaying symptoms is a very common reason for men avoiding treatment. Mental health symptoms can vary person to person, but there are a few common symptoms that men experience that are different than women. When it comes to depression, men often experience fatigue and loss of interest whereas women feel worthlessness or sadness. Mental health awareness is the driving force for more people to be correctly diagnosed. When you’re knowledgeable about what the signs and symptoms are of a mental illness, you’re more likely to seek mental health treatment.

Mental health treatment

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, then reach out to us. Aspen Ketamine Center offers a free 30-minute consultation. During the consultation we will look into your mental wellness and decide on a treatment plan that is catered directly to your unique situation. We also encourage you to download the free PDF that we have on our website to learn more about Ketamine Therapy. Men with untreated mental illnesses face a higher risk of substance abuse and suicide.

Spread awareness for men’s mental health

What can you do to help spread awareness for men’s mental health? Encourage your loved ones to live an active lifestyle and increase their body’s natural dopamine levels. Educate yourself on men’s mental health so that you can be an advocate for the men in your life. Be supportive of the men in your life that are showing signs of mental health issues, and remind them that mental health issues don’t have a type. Anyone is susceptible to a mental illness regardless of their gender! Do your part to break the men’s mental health stigma.

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