It’s Time to Break the Mental Health Stigma

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Often we avoid talking about one of the most prominent health problems in the United States–mental health. Most people can say that they know someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder. Even though so many people can relate, shame often is associated with mental health issues. The best way we can take shame out of mental health is by talking about it!

Be honest about your mental health

To begin a journey of healing, recognizing and accepting that there is a problem is the first step. I have depression. When you admit that there is a problem to someone who you can trust, the relief can be liberating and can create the space needed to be able to take actionable steps. Admitting there is a problem is the hardest part because of how society generally treats issues surrounding mental illness.

Being honest about your mental health doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone. It means working with a therapist for answers, creating a safety plan with your partner, or working with a doctor for treatment plans. This also means that you take a wellness day when you need to. Find solutions that work for YOU. Three prominent ways to manage your mental illness are affirmations for well-being, increasing your exercise, and medical intervention.

Affirmations to keep you moving forward

Positive affirmations are one way to program your mind to believe in healing, a joy and meaning filled life, and to find opportunities for growth. Leave sticky notes around your home with affirmations reminding you of your worthiness for love, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. Having a mental illness is never a justifiable reason for NOT having a healthy relationship or a career you feel good about.

Exercise for physical and mental stamina

A second way to combat anxiety and depression is through exercise. You don’t have to be an olympic swimmer or compete in crossfit tournaments. Simple activities like walking, yoga, or taking a cycling class can help relieve stress by “burning off” extra adrenaline. Exercise can increase dopamine levels, which is responsible for happiness and confidence.

Exercise can improve heart health, prevent diabetes, and improve digestion. Building strength is important for developing respect and love for your body as you learn to be in more control with various exercises. Focusing on steps, stretches, or repetitions is a form of meditation. The mind clears, learns to focus, and also learns endurance when you can work through challenges of “just one more mile” or “just one more rep.” Make exercise mindful. Park farther from entrances. Stretch during work breaks. Then when you are ready, invest in some weights, turn on a workout video, and get moving! The key is consistency, pushing yourself, and doing what feels good.

Don’t waste time getting medical help

Treatment options vary from person to person. What works for someone may not work for someone else, and that’s OK. The important thing is to ask “how long have I been dealing with this condition?”, “What is working and what isn’t working?”, “Am I ready to try something new or to add in an additional treatment option?” Be sure to talk with your doctor!

It’s time to break the mental health stigma. You never know how your courage can inspire someone else to speak up too. Now is the time to be honest with your condition. Remember there is no need to feel shame because you have anxiety or depression. Positive affirmations, increasing your exercise, and getting medical help are all things you can do today to start feeling better.

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