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Functional Wellness in Aspen Colorado

Do you feel like your self care often falls by the wayside? The majority of society can relate. One of the hardest parts of implementing self care is finding the time to do so. If you’re in Aspen, Colorado, then you’re in luck! Aspen Ketamine Center is helping you implement your self care by providing a number of functional wellness opportunities.

Defining Functional Wellness

What does functional wellness mean? Functional health is often defined as one's ability to perform daily activities required to meet basic needs, fulfill usual roles, and to maintain their well-being. It is a person-centered balance between internal and external factors that impact your health. Internal factors are your response to stress, illness, personal or cultural behaviors. External factors are learning adaptive strategies for current roles as well as managing one's physical, emotional and environmental health. Functional wellness is taking a complete mind and body approach to wellness.

Beneficial Wellness Opportunities

Unfortunately, society puts invaluable services on the backburner and opts to feed into fads. You buy supplements, powders, and trendy enhancers.. Why won't you try the methods that have proven their ability to give you energy, detox the body from toxins, and prevent illness? We have always recommended that our clients research something that they’re interested in trying versus relying on societal trends to help them make decisions. Emerging healthcare trends are not always safe, and you should always take precautions when trying them. Aspen Ketamine Center offers hydrating vitamin infusion sessions because we saw the interest that our clients had in their wellness, and we wanted to provide truly beneficial health and wellness opportunities that synergistically complement a whole mind and body approach to wellbeing.

Functional Wellness in Aspen Colorado

If you’re looking for treatments that optimize your physical fitness while enhancing your mental health, then you’re on the right track. We provide a number of IV vitamin hydration options to help our clients target their exact needs. You can see our entire list of wellness options on our website. These immune boosting vitamin infusions are designed specifically for our high altitude living, long winters, and staying well when sickness is prevalent all around us. Vitamin Hydration Therapy can also help flush out toxins already in the body due to environmental pollutants and chemicals, residual symptoms of COVID and other illnesses, as well as help prevent mood disorders like the winter blues. Our vitamin infusions are enhanced with vitamin C, The B-complex vitamins, zinc, and you have the option to add in Glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants the body can utilize. Functional wellness is vital to keep the body functioning optimally, for immune health, the synthesis of energy, preventing fatigue, and enhanced physical performance. If you’re someone who works long hours and struggles with fatigue, mood disorders, or disinterest in previous hobbies, then our functional wellness options can significantly improve your wellbeing. Pairing your ketamine treatments and vitamin hydration sessions with mind, body, and spirit practices enhances your ability to make conscious shifts towards long-lasting, positive change. What are you waiting for?

Functional wellness is good for your mental health as well as your physical health! You're a hardworking person, so take time to do the things that help you live your best life. Prioritize your health and schedule a wellness session at Aspen Ketamine Center.

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