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Nutrition Counseling for a healthy gut, body & mind

Aspen Ketamine Center

Nutrition Counseling for a healthy gut, body & mind

Functional Nutrition with Ellena Mendoza

Functional Nutrition with Ellena Mendoza

Ellena has real-life experience with her health and emotional struggles and is a healer at heart. Her education in the health & human services field started when she realized she had a gift for helping people feel better both physically and emotionally. 
Ellena realized with her own struggles, how a healthy diet and nutrition are integral to healing the body and mind. This is where her own health journey led her down the path of whole-body health and education in the nutrition field ensued. Diving deep into root cause and lifestyle medicine, she has been able to help others learn to listen to their bodies and reduce physical and emotional symptoms by addressing nutritional deficiencies and healing the gut.

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Understanding that the gut and brain are connected, Ellena has extended her work into the field of neuropsychology with education in Behavior Change and Emotions Mentor Coaching to address and release the emotions that often hold us back from lasting lifestyle change and emotional resilience. Ellena's passion is to support those who have tried everything, and are ready to step off their ill-health and emotional roller coaster. She wants to support her clients as they learn to take their life back through diet and lifestyle modification, and most of all, through the compassion and the follow-through so many of us need and deserve........because what could you be without your story?

A Heart for Wellness Introductory Nutrition Package: $250

  • A review of your pre-appointment Health and Nutrition Assessment

  • Two 60-Minute Nutrition Counseling Sessions via zoom

  • A 4 Week individualized suggested menu, complete with a shopping list

  • My gift to you - A "Pantry/Refrigerator Clean Out E-book" to help make the transition to mindful eating easier

First Functional Nutrition Session

  • In this session, I will take the time to understand which nutritional deficiencies may be contributing to your emotional and mental challenges

  • Your likes and dislikes for specific foods (which can also reveal deficiency)

  • We will build an individualized dietary action plan you can use to start addressing possible food sensitivities related to mood

  • After your session, you will receive your 4-week individualized suggested menu plan with a shopping guide

Our Second Functional Nutrition Session

This support session is meant to be fluid and topics can be adjusted to your health & dietary needs - some topics can include

  • How the change in diet has impacted you both physically and emotionally and why

  • How diet can impact gut health and in turn emotional health

  • How whole foods can bring the body and brain relief from inflammatory symptoms

  • Go over the Pantry/Refridgerator Cleanout E-book and how to proceed at your comfort level for implementing lasting healthful habits


*nutrition package must be used within a 30-day timeframe

Contact Ellena Mendoza


Phone: 970-901-8800

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