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Aspen Ketamine Center

Meditation Sessions

Yoga at Home

Mind + Body + Spirit

Start a lifelong practice with Nicole Lindstrom

Pairing your ketamine treatments with mind, body, and spirit practices enhances your ability to make conscious shifts towards long-lasting, positive change. 

Wellness Coach

Nicole’s philosophy


“At the deepest level of ourselves, what we truly desire is not wealth in gold, but wealth in experience. What we find to be most precious and beautiful is insight, inspiration, wisdom, connection. We desire gold of mind.”

All sessions include personalized guided breathwork, movement, meditation, and spiritual psychology, equipping you with tangible tools to utilize as you continue your journey towards living a deeply fulfilled life. 

3 sessions


Digital - $600 // In-Person $900

6 sessions


Digital - $1,200 // In-Person $1,800

Contact Nicole to schedule your free consultation

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Nicole Lindstrom is a yoga and meditation teacher who teaches all over the world. She is the co-author of “WANDERLUST : A Modern Yogi's Guide To Becoming Your Best Self" and founder of GLDMND, guiding individuals and groups to the gold that lies within. From guiding hikes and meditations with Wanderlust, to leading global retreats with Yogascapes and Lead with Love, Nicole has an incredible depth of expertise and knowledge in holding space and curating group experiences. She has been studying and teaching yoga for over a decade and is deeply devoted to the teachings of Himalayan Kundalini Kriya Yoga. Her classes have a large focus on applying yogic technology (breathwork, kriya, asana, meditation) for self-transformation in mind body spirit.

Graduate of the University of Santa Monica's Soul-Centered Living program, Nicole integrates the practical tools of Spiritual Psychology with her holistic approach to teaching. Nicole’s classes are grounded and explorative, with introspection + depth.

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