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Effective Treatment for Depression, Anxiety & PTSD

At Aspen Ketamine Center we offer Ketamine Infusion Therapy to treat individuals living with anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic pain syndromes. 

Our mission is to help our clients achieve wellness, life long happiness

and a higher quality of life.

Our clinic delivers a combination of infusion therapy and counseling to achieve mental wellness in a safe and compassionate environment.

Find out if Ketamine Therapy is right for you

Ketamine Therapy offers an opportunity to take your life back

 Do you suffer from treatment-resistant depression?

Are you living with anxiety and depression and find the symptoms even more intense as you try and manage today’s world?
Are you taking medication with side effects that are affecting your quality of life or leaving you feeling numb?


“My goal with Ketamine Therapy was to step outside of myself and allow a glimpse of my path and being. I did do that. With just the first 2 infusions, I cracked the door for some course corrections. It will require the commitment to all 6 infusions. I'm happy that I stopped to take a look within.”

A.R. Aspen, CO

About Ketamine Infusion Therapy

30% of people who suffer from depression and anxiety are treatment-resistant. 
Ketamine has unique properties that allow it to work differently than SSRIs. Used in low dose infusions, it’s proven to have excellent results for people suffering from Treatment-Resistant Depression. 
Research has shown its effectiveness in the management and treatment of anxiety, PTSD and OCD.
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Is Ketamine Therapy right for you?

After a Ketamine Infusion Treatment you can expect to experience:

A sense of freedom and the feeling of taking your life back

Better concentration and clarity

Increased motivation for  activities and exercise

Greater ease in social situations

“I'm feeling great. I haven't had any anxiety since my first Ketamine infusion. I was able to make some interesting self-realizations. I'm looking forward to my next infusion session. ”

N.P. Aspen, CO

What to Expect In Your First Session

In your free 30-minute consultation our nurse anesthesiologist will determine the safety and effectiveness of Ketamine Therapy for you.


Once approved, an individualized treatment plan will be created for you.


In your first infusion session, we’ll discuss the process, review your paperwork, and determine if the treatment is safe and appropriate for you.


Once we begin your infusion our nurse anesthesiologist will be present with you throughout your session to monitor your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure.


We will follow up with you the next day to see how the therapy helped and formulate a plan for your next session.


We recommend you follow up each treatment with a therapist or you can meet with one of our trained Ketamone Psychotherapists. Journalling and mediation are highly encouraged after your infusions.

“The Covid19 pandemic has caused significantly more stress in my life and made my depression spiral out of control. Ketamine Infusion Therapy helped me regain mental balance. I feel so much more at ease and lighter in my disposition.”

C.K.  Snowmass, CO

To learn more and find out if Ketamine therapy is right for you, book a free consultation with one of our Nurse Anesthesiologists.

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