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Ketamine Therapy at Aspen Vida Medi Spa

Mental Wellness in a Spa Setting

While Aspen is known as home to elite athletes and recreational enthusiasts alike, you may be surprised to learn that mental wellness is the hot new game in town. Keeping your mind in top shape means more than just completing the weekly crossword puzzle. Just as in physical fitness, mental wellness takes dedicated practice and time, which can result in exponential long term benefits. 

Never before has the treatment of emotional trauma been more relevant. Ketamine Infusion Therapy allows you to journey inward. Without your ego in the way, you will unlock the most repressed emotions that lead to life long anxiety and depression. Tackling those emotions head on allows you to regain control of your life and live free of ruminating thoughts. When integrated with behavioral therapy, ketamine infusion therapy allows many to live a happier life without the need for daily medications. 

The Aspen Ketamine Center is quickly becoming Aspen's premier infusion provider for mental wellness because it pairs perfectly with the tranquil setting of Aspen Vida Medi Spa. More than just achieving mental wellness, Aspen Ketamine Center is a community of dedicated practitioners and followers. We share an enthusiasm for achieving lifelong happiness and inner balance with alternatives to conventional pharmacologic interventions. 


Begin Your Journey to Inner Balance

Aspen's Premier Ketamine and Infusion Center

How Will Ketamine Therapy Help You?

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Regain control of your life by ending ruminating thoughts about the past. 

Our Core Treatment Plan may help with postpartum depression, death, and stress due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Those who don't respond or relapse on traditional antidepressants find success with ketamine therapy in 80% of cases. 

Break free of unhealthy emotions which may be out of your control. Anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) respond well to Ketamine Therapy combined with Behavioaral Therapy offered with our Core Treatment + Plan

Overcome debilitating neuropathic pain syndromes, like fibromyalgia, which may be resistant to narcotic medication treatment.

Ketamine is not a narcotic and treats nerve pain by eliminating faulty connections in pain receptors.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy may help with struggles to quit drinking and smoking by treating underlying causes of anxiety and depression. 

Just one 40min Ketamine infusion may help stop the compulsions toward excessive alcohol and smoking consumption.


“I'm feeling great. I haven't had any anxiety since my first Ketamine infusion. I was able to make some interesting self-realizations. I'm looking forward to my next infusion session. ”

— NP

Aspen Resident


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