Chronic Pain Syndromes and Neuropathic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting for 3 months or longer. Pain is the body's way of telling you that something is not right.

When the nervous system and immune system malfunction as they respond to tissue damage from trauma, the pain is persistent even after treatment. The nerves misfire, sending constant pain signals to the brain, even though the stimulus causing it is no longer there.


This dysfunction in nerve pathways is due to a phenomenon known as upregulation. When nerve pathways are upregulated, they start to become more sensitive to less and less stimulation, resulting in neuropathic pain syndromes. 

Types of neuropathic pain syndromes:
  • Fibromylagia

  • RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)

  • CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome)

  • Migraines

  • Shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia

  • Phantom Limb Pain

  • Trigeminal neuralgia


How Ketamine Works

Ketamine infusion therapy helps heal neuropathic pain syndromes

by stopping the persistent misfiring of damaged nerves. This allows the nervous system to reset itself and grow healthy connections. 

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