Ketamine for Depression

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide, with over 264 million people of all ages and backgrounds suffering from its symptoms.


While most people experience mood fluctuations or short-lived emotional responses to situational hardships - depression is a prolonged feeling of low mood, usually lasting more than 2 weeks or months.

Current pharmacologic treatments, such as SSRI's, benzodiazepines, and Prozac, are not effective for depression in 30% of the population.


Many people don't want to be dependent on these medications for the rest of their lives and usually stop taking them against medical advice, due to the many side effects. 

Ketamine has unique properties that allow it to work differently than SSRIs. Used in low dose infusions, it’s proven to have excellent results for people suffering from Treatment-Resistant Depression. 

How Ketamine Works

Studies have shown that long term depression sufferers have less connective pathways in the brain. Ketamine works on those pathways to regrow lost connections. This is known as building neuroplasticity.   

Chose Your Treatment Plan

Our Core Treatment Plan for depression optimizes the minimum amount of infusions

for the longest duration of benefit. 

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